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your body is just a container for the soul

something to keep in mind (via pomegranatae)

Feeling pretty shit right now!!!!

My brother went to a gig tonight and has now gone to the pictures. He's 15 years old when I was that age I wasn't even allowed to go to the town centre on my own

<b> </b> Apparently I am not Scottish because I voted no, well I have news for you, I am English ya slag!!!!!<p>

I'm actually getting a lot of hate for voting no,seriously people grow up!!!!

Reality hurts doesn't it

Ok my fucking god, people write statuses about saying yes etc and get loads of lovely comments and love etc but when I say my view all I get is hateful messages. This is one of many reasons why I actually hate people, anything I say I always say it wrong and I am not going to change my views for the rest of the publics happiness. Just fuck off and leave me alone!!!!! Its my views and if you don't like what I have to say then just fucking delete me

Anonymous asked
Is that your wee baby?

ahahahahaha I can’t even get a boyfriend, what ever made you think I have a child!!!!! 

I really want to know what my "friends" say about me behind my back!!!

Same shitty life, different day!!!

I have started buying paint, wallpaper and wooden flooring for my room : )